Electric Vehicle Guide: Winter Edition

With winter approaching, there are a few things you should know when it comes to taking care of your EV. The EZOO team shares some helpful tips on how to maximise range and make sure your car stays in good condition.

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Is car subscription cheaper than leasing?

electric vehicle / electric car subscription

People are switching their internal combustion engine vehicles to electric alternatives; for many, it results in committing to leasing companies for years with hidden balloon payments. What if we told you there was a easier, cheaper option?

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Volkswagen ID.3

Introduction to the ID.3

The ID.3 was the hatchback that started the Volkswagen ID series, followed by 2 SUVs that we now know as the ID.4 and ID.5. Volkswagen did release an electric version of the Golf back in 2013 with only 83 miles of range, so the ID.3 being the next mass-produced electric car Volkswagen made available globally is a substantial upgrade.  

The Volkswagen ID.3 comes with a 58kWh battery that allows you to drive up to 215 miles between charges. Its fast-charging ability makes it possible to charge it sufficiently for a 180-mile range in about half an hour. 


The modern exterior of the ID.3 continues inside: the dash panel, doors and mobile phone compartment lights can be changed to 10 colours of ambient lighting. The interior is surprisingly spacious for a hatchback (plenty of room to accommodate for 5 passengers) and has a 385L boot that can be expanded by putting the rear seats down. 

A staple feature of the ID range is the panoramic sunroof: it adds to the luxurious feeling inside the vehicle and the tinted glass ensures an optimal temperature, even in hot weather. 

The headlights automatically adjust to the weather conditions and time of day to ensure clear visibility without dazzling other drivers on the road. 

Like all other Volkswagen electric vehicles, the ID.3 is accompanied by a lane assist function that keeps the car in its lane and alerts the driver if they sway outside of the lane markings. Cruise control further aids in an effortless style of driving by maintaining a constant speed and adequate distance from the vehicle in front; parking is also made easy with plenty of sensors and a rear-view camera. 

Driving has never been easier since voice control became a regular feature in modern cars. You no longer have to worry about taking your eyes off the road while fiddling with buttons; instead, the ID.3 responds to “Hello, ID”, allowing the driver to operate the 10-inch display hands-free. 

What we think

Sitting at a lower price point than its SUV peers, the ID.3 is the perfect introduction to the world of electric cars and a carbon neutral era. Volkswagen really have created an extraordinary vehicle with an impressive range for its size, may we add! assisted by the latest technology inside and out. One of the biggest things we like is that the top-notch build quality that VW is known for can be seen and felt everywhere. Whilst this definitely isn’t a “budget” EV, we’d love to see what the clever people at Volkswagen have got up their sleeves… any word on an ID.2? 

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Renault Zoe

Black Renault Zoe electric car

A simple guide for one of our most popular cars- this might help you decide what your first EV will look like.

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