Kia e-Niro

dark grey kia e-niro

The first electric car to gain the title of ‘Car of the Year’ at the 2019 What Car? Car of the Year Awards – find out why the Kia e-Niro got this well-deserved title.

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Charging tips

pod point ev home charger ezoo electric car subscription

If you are new to electric vehicles and are still getting used to the different types of chargers, connectors, or the most efficient way to charge your car, this blog is for you.

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Mini Electric Cooper S

mini electric cooper s ezoo electric car subscription

The Mini Cooper is a classic car that has been a favourite among driving enthusiasts for decades. It was inevitable that an electric version would end up on the market; here’s what we think.

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Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen ID.4 exterior

The ID.3’s big brother, and what inspired the sporty ID.5: everything you need to know about Volkswagen’s first electric SUV.

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Busting common EV myths

electric car service mechanic

There are so many myths about electric vehicles that it’s hard to separate the truth from misconceptions. The EZOO team debunks a number of these to show you how much the world of EVs has evolved.

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