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Electric car salary sacrifice –
everything you need to know

Salary Sacrifice

EZOO the UK’s first ALL IN House subscription and leasing salary sacrifice

What is salary sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice allows you to pay less to drive an electric car. The car payment gets deducted from your gross salary every month, which means you save money on tax and National Insurance – between 30% and 60%.

The best part about all of this? EZOO fully manages it all in the background while keeping everything cost-neutral for your company, enhancing employee satisfaction and cutting your carbon footprint.

£10,566 Saving!

Insurance included  |  Maintenance included 

24/7 Breakdown cover  |  Total peace of mind




£13,101 Saving!

Insurance included  |  Maintenance included 

24/7 Breakdown cover  |  Total peace of mind




£44,059 Saving!

Insurance included  |  Maintenance included 

24/7 Breakdown cover  |  Total peace of mind




What’s included with an EZOO salary sacrifice?

Fully electric cars

from the compact and affordable Citroen Ami to the spacious ID Buzz. And even the high-performance Maserati Folgore, we have an EV for every driver and budget

Servicing and maintenance (MOT)

for peace-of-mind driving, maintenance is included to keep you at the top of your game

24/7 breakdown cover

as standard, you’re covered 24/7 with roadside recovery

Fully comprehensive insurance

for you and up to four named drivers

30 to 60% savings

with National Insurance, tax savings and a low Benefit-in-Kind payment, choosing an electric car is like getting a pay rise

No ULEZ or Congestion charges

we cover these costs so you can drive in London congestion zones*

*Subscription cars only

Salary sacrifice for employees and employers

Salary sacrifice for employees

Find out how choosing a salary sacrifice scheme can effectively give you a pay rise and save you up to 60% on a leading electric car

Salary sacrifice for employers

Find out everything you need to know about offering salary sacrifice to your employees, including how you can save money and provide a desirable staff benefit.

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Salary sacrifice examples

Salary sacrifice frequently asked questions

Yes, salary sacrifice allows employees to save on income tax and National Insurance, helping reduce motoring costs. Insurance, maintenance and more are also included, helping cut costs even more. EZOO is all inclusive, you just need to decide if you want to add on your electric car charger.

For an EZOO subscription, you must be between the ages of 25 and 75 or 21+ for leasing, a UK resident and have a UK or EU driving licence without any motoring offences in the last 36 months. You should have been in employment for at least six months, too.

Whether you need a compact supermini like the Renault Zoe, an SUV like the luxury Mercedes EQA or the superb Porsche Taycan there’s an electric car for you with EZOO.

Typically, salary sacrifice reduces your tax liability as your cash salary is replaced with a non-taxable/tax-relieved income. With higher earners, this is more effective, increasing after-tax pay.

There are several pros including:

  • Completely cost-neutral
  • Save money on tax and national insurance – save up to 60%
  • Cheaper than if you were to purchase a car outright or on finance
  • You can access an electric car quickly with the latest tech
  • EZOO manage everything for you, taking away the hassle
  • Choosing an EV is more environmentally friendly

The primary consideration is that your wage could seem lower, impacting things like a mortgage and credit application. Your salary after deductions must stay above minimum wage.

Yes, part-time employees are eligible for salary sacrifice. However, it will depend on the individual, salary, hours worked, etc.