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Electric car salary sacrifice –
everything you need to know

Salary Sacrifice Employees

Electric car salary sacrifice - everything you need to know

What is salary sacrifice for employees?

Electric car salary sacrifice lets employees access an EV for less, saving 30%-60%. You have access to all-electric vehicle brands that are sold in the UK, like a compact supermini like the Renault Zoe, an SUV like the luxury Mercedes EQA or Porsche Taycan and even a van like the VW ID. Buzz, there’s an electric car for you with EZOO.

Your car payments are deducted from your gross salary, helping you save money on your National Insurance and tax whilst offering low Benefit-in-Kind payments. You can choose from our subscription cars for as little as 12 months or a brand-new lease for 2-4 years. This includes your comprehensive insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover and more, guaranteeing hassle-free motoring that’s carbon neutral.

Employee salary sacrifice benefits

Salary sacrifice has some excellent benefits for employees, from saving money to hassle-free motoring.

Save up to 60% on an electric car

As your payment is deducted before you pay tax and national insurance, you’ll typically save between 30% and 60%

No insurance worries

Includes low-cost, comprehensive insurance

Servicing and maintenance included

Drive with peace of mind that everything is covered with your vehicle

24/7 breakdown included

While we’re on the subject, you’re covered even in the unfortunate event something does go wrong

Choose your commitment level

You choose your commitment level from 12 months (subscriptions) to 48 months (brand new lease)

No ULEZ or Congestion charges

We cover these costs so you can drive in London congestion zones*

*Subscription cars only

How employee salary sacrifice works

An EZOO salary sacrifice couldn’t be easier. This is the cheapest way of getting an EV

1. Your company signs up for the salary sacrifice scheme

2. You choose your car

3. Take delivery of your car

It’s paid from your salary before the tax and requires little to no input from you – just choose your car and tell us where like it to be delivered.

You’ll pay a low Benefit-in-Kind payment each month, but this will be taken straight off your salary.

What’s included in salary sacrifice

Your subscription or lease isn’t just for your EV. Salary sacrifice includes:

*Subscriptions cars ONLY and covers ONLY London

Why choose EZOO for your salary sacrifice

You can choose an EV subscription car for as little as 12 months or a longer made-to-order EV car lease between 2-4 years. You can even have a subscription car while you wait for your brand-new vehicle. EZOO are fully flexible, making it easy and tailored to your needs.

As all our electric subscription cars are ready to go, there are no long wait times; you can also switch any time after your initial agreement helping you test out and find the perfect emission-free electric car.

Employee salary sacrifice FAQs

Below, you’ll find the answers to all your employee salary sacrifice questions. Contact our expert team if you can’t find what you want.

The initial scheme is set up through your employer. All you need to do is get us in contact with your company’s decision-maker. Book a call here to learn more.

Typically, you can take out two salary-sacrifice cars. However, it will depend on your wage and company.

You pay for your lease through your gross salary. Based on your tax bracket, you can save 30%-60%. There are no deposits and flat payments throughout your lease term.

Yes, they’ll need to set up the initial salary sacrifice scheme, but as it’s cost-neutral to them and takes little to no admin, there are very few reasons why they shouldn’t apply. It’s a WIN-WIN!

This changes from car to car and is based on your salary and tax bracket. The Benefit-in-Kind is based on the car’s value, so the more expensive, the higher this will be. However, until at least 2028, the BIK for EVs is fixed by the Government.

An account manager will contact you three months before your lease or subscription ends. You can decide to return the car or discuss ordering a new one.

You can extend this past the initial 12 months if you have a subscription. If you have a brand-new lease, the car is returned, and we look forward to putting you into a new one.

Yes, you will be liable for damage outside normal wear and tear.

You are responsible for fines, including parking and bus land charges, penalties for speeding and other enforcements, and any toll or congestion charges. They will be taken directly from your salary.

YES! Salary sacrifice is a fantastic way to take out a subscription or lease an electric car. You can save up to 60%, stay updated with the latest tech and commit to as little as 12 months. Just hand the vehicle back when you’re done.

Yes, you can add up to four named drivers to your vehicle for a low monthly fee, so it’s perfect for families.

You will be liable for early termination charges if they resign during the initial contract period, not covered by EZOO risk protection. If outside the agreement, you can return the vehicle.