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EZOO for Business

Save money for you and your employees with EZOO electric car subscriptions for your business. You can book as many vehicles as you need through your business account and get those juicy Benefit-In-Kind tax savings, or we can set up a salary sacrifice scheme for your company to save even more money!

What is Salary Sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice allows you to pay less to drive an electric car. The car payment gets deducted from your gross salary every month, which means you save money on tax and national insurance. The best part about all this? EZOO manage it all in the background, at zero cost to the business!


Personal Subscription

£ 1099 / per month

Salary Sacrifice

£ 657* / per month

– monthly gross sacrifice £1099 /month
– monthly cost £657* /month

Employee saving of 41%

*Example for a higher rate taxpayer. Prices will vary depending on employee circumstances. 


Enquire now and one of our amazing team will be in touch to confirm your requirements!

Save up to 60% on an electric car with EZOO. Here’s how it works.

Hey there! We’re EZOO, and we’re here to spill the beans on our fantastic salary sacrifice benefit that could save you a massive 60% on an electric car.

EZOO is like the superhero of employee benefits, swooping in to help you snag a sweet deal on an electric car, all through the magic of salary sacrifice. So, buckle up and get ready for the lowdown on everything you need to know before zipping away on your electrifying adventure.

How much could I save?

Savings that’ll make you smile? You got it! With a range of 30-60%, your savings depend on your salary, tax bracket, and the Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax rate.

Your potential savings depend on your income, tax category, and the BIK tax rate. Even at the lower end, a 30% saving means you’ll be pocketing hundreds of pounds each month. Cha-ching!

The BIK tax rate is charged by HMRC on companies for offering cool non-monetary benefits to employees. In 2022, the UK Government gave electric vehicles (EVs) a high-five, confirming a tiny 2% BIK rate until 2025, with a slight 1% increase annually until 2028. Meanwhile, traditional petrol or diesel cars are left in the dust with a whopping 20% as their lowest BIK rate. Time to celebrate those savings!

Why it’s good for you and your employer:

Pitching the benefit to your employer might seem as nerve-wracking as karaoke night, but trust us, it’s a piece of cake! We’ve got the things they’ll be eager to hear, making it an easy pitch.

1. Completely cost-neutral for employer

Implementing an EZOO salary sacrifice scheme costs your employer nothing. It really is that easy to access the amazing savings.

2. Offer current and prospective employees an effective pay rise

The job market can be quite unpredictable. Employers are constantly looking for ways to enhance workplace value without straining their budgets, and EZOO is the perfect solution for that.

Our employee benefit can save drivers a hefty chunk of cash – a unique saving they wouldn’t enjoy unless they’re part of your company.

It’s a fantastic offer when it comes to attracting fresh talent, retaining your current all-stars, and igniting that spark that gets employees buzzing and pumped about their work.

3. Improve green credentials without spending a penny

Ready to make a splash? Reach out to your HR team, the dedicated CSR/ESG Officer, or – even better – strike up a chat with your boss directly.

They’ll be over the moon to learn about a zero-cost way to amp up the company’s carbon offsetting game.

CSR/ESG targets aren’t just good for Mother Earth; they’re also fantastic for polishing that brand image. Companies worldwide are on the hunt for ways to flaunt their green creds, as customers and consumers become increasingly eco-conscious about the products and services they choose.

Step up as the benefit hero and score some bonus points with the boss!

4. Implement the best employee benefit, choose the best provider

We’ve crafted this employee benefit from scratch, making sure it’s a win-win not only for drivers but also for the business.

That’s why EZOO comes with top-of-the-line Early Termination Protection for your employer, straight out of the box. Say goodbye to sneaky hidden charges or surprise bills that might creep up with other salary sacrifice providers. We’re all about keeping it smooth and hassle-free!

*Representative monthly payment based on 2022/23 England and Wales tax rate data. We charge a £249 order fee for our salary sacrifice and business subscriptions. All applications are subject to status, terms and conditions apply.