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Charging the way forward

Charging the way forward


As car ownership changes, fuel prices continue to rise – and with manufacturers filling the forecourts with new EV models fresh off the production line, now is the time to make the switch to electric power.

In 2012, EZOO founders Lash and Charnjit Saranna made that very same switch – bringing with them almost 30 years of automotive experience that included building Europe’s largest independent Porsche center.

From day one, the goal has been to bring awareness and education around the switch from combustion to electric, to create what EZOO prides itself on today – Pay As You Go Electric.

Affordable, flexible, and customisable, our Pay As You Go electric car subscription service is built to make the shift to electric power as easy as possible.

Choose your car. Choose your term. Click and collect.

It’s a system built to remove those long waiting times. We want to make the switch to EV straightforward, so we choose to deal with the insurance, maintenance and road tax ourselves, saving our customers the hassle.

EZOO is a family business. Our system is run online – but if that’s not for you, or you’re not sure what the subscription entails, or perhaps you just want to learn more about electric cars, a member of our team will be on hand to guide you.

Every car in our fleet, we’ve driven ourselves – which means we’ve become experts in what we offer.

Want to get in touch? Drop us an email at [email protected]