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Electric car salary sacrifice –
everything you need to know

Salary Sacrifice Employers

Electric car salary sacrifice – everything you need to know

What is salary sacrifice for employers?

Offering your employees EZOO’s salary sacrifice service is a fantastic benefit, letting them access an electric car for up to 60% less, with as little as a 12-month commitment. Businesses sign up at no cost, and employees pay for their vehicle through their gross salary, saving on tax, National Insurance and Benefit-in-Kind.

There are no long-term contracts, so if anything changes, you’re covered. We’ll do all the admin and tell you precisely what you need to do, making the entire process hassle-free and HMRC-compliant.

Enhance your employee benefits and retention whilst hitting your green targets with salary sacrifice.

Employer salary sacrifice benefits

A salary sacrifice scheme makes sense for businesses:

How employee salary sacrifice works

Setting up your salary sacrifice scheme couldn’t be easier.

1. Sign up

2. Launch your scheme

3. Fully managed onboarding

4. We’ll provide support with whatever you need

What’s included in salary sacrifice?

As well as the management of your salary sacrifice scheme, your employee will receive the following:

A low price electric car with

A flexible contract as short as 12-months

Fully comprehensive insurance

Servicing and maintenance

24/7 breakdown cover

Road Tax**, ULEZ and congestion charges covered*

*Subscription cars and only in London **Subscription cars only

Why choose EZOO for your salary sacrifice?

Choosing EZOO for your salary sacrifice scheme means you have access to ALL electric vehicle brands sold in the UK. We work directly with the UK’s leading dealers and brands.

We’ll manage everything on your behalf, making this a fantastic employee benefit. We’ll also tell you precisely what you need to do, from setup to helping your employees find the perfect car.

Employees can take a car for as little as 12 months from over 180 stock vehicles, build their own, and commit to a two to four-year lease. Our risk protection ensures that we safeguard you from significant liabilities. We turn traditional fleets upside down!

So, contact us today to set up your new salary sacrifice subscription.

Why choose EZOO for your salary sacrifice

You can choose an EV subscription car for as little as 12 months or a longer made-to-order EV car lease between 2-4 years. You can even have a subscription car while you wait for your brand-new vehicle. EZOO are fully flexible, making it easy and tailored to your needs.

As all our electric subscription cars are ready to go, there are no long wait times; you can also switch any time after your initial agreement helping you test out and find the perfect emission-free electric car.

Employer salary sacrifice FAQs

Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions about your company’s salary sacrifice scheme. If you can’t find an answer, contact our expert team.

Yes, your company will need to apply for a credit line through our panel of lenders if the company is taking leases. If the company cannot get a credit line, EZOO can offer subscription cars. We always have an option to suit you!

There’s no limit to the number of employees who can take out a salary sacrifice car scheme through your business as long as all employees are eligible and meet minimum requirements.

There’s no cost to a business to set up a salary sacrifice scheme or use one. The only payments will be made from the employees’ salaries.

No, the employee will pay for any damage outside of fair wear and tear at the end of the lease.


They will be liable for early termination charges if they resign during the initial contract period, not covered by EZOO risk protection. If outside the agreement, they can return the vehicle.

The employee is responsible for fines (including parking fines and bus lane charges), penalties (including speeding and other enforcements), and any additional charges (such as congestion zone or toll charges) that arise from your use of the vehicle. It’s taken directly from their salary.

At the end of the salary sacrifice agreement period, EZOO may offer the employee the option to purchase the electric car at a predetermined price (subject to terms and conditions) or return the vehicle. Or enter into a new agreement.