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Electric Cooper S L1

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The Mini Electric is an electrifying blast of fun! With its iconic design, nimble handling, and instant torque, it's the perfect city car for those who love to have a good time. The electric power source means you can enjoy all the fun without any of the guilt. Get ready for a new level of excitement with the Mini Electric!

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Frequently asked questions

It’s now a proven fact that batteries in an electric vehicle produced today have a life span exceeding 10+ years.

We have even seen electric vehicles with over 250,000 miles on the clock still with battery health of over 94%.

Using a rapid charger, most cars can be charged up to 80% in under 30 minutes. A home charge, on an installed EV point, usually takes around 7 hours.

Most owners charge their car overnight – which means the hard work is done in your sleep and the car is always fully charged for the day ahead.

Electric cars are typically ‘single-speed’, meaning they don’t have a traditional gearbox – just a forward and reverse mode.

There’s no clutch or gear changes required, so driving an EV feels much the same as driving a regular automatic car.

Some EVs may even have a regenerative accelerator pedal which, at lower speeds, means you don’t need to use the brakes – but best to check your car has this feature first before trying it on the road.

The range of an EV varies depending on its battery capacity.

Small city cars typically have shorter range – this is because they’re designed for short trips around town, and therefore carry a smaller battery.
Bigger cars, on the other hand, have space for a bigger battery, which means increased capacity and longer distances covered between charges.

Range can be affected by a number of different things – weather conditions, how you drive, the condition of the car and tyres etc.

Taking this into consideration, you can expect to get anything between 100 miles and 300 miles of range on your EZOO car.

Charging points are popping up all over the UK – over 33,000, in fact – with the majority of service stations on major motorways now catering for electric cars.

Nowadays, you can find charging stations at supermarkets, car parks and even on some residential roads.

It’s always worth planning your route before you set off on long journeys. However, most EVs can do this for you, coming equipped with the technology to help calculate when and where you need to charge.

Zap-Map is also a great online resource if you’re looking to find a charger near you.

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Lash, the CEO is an EV pioneer, and EZOO and their technology can really help people and companies take advantage of the great benefits of EVs.
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A one-stop shop solution, analysed which of the company vehicles were available to switch to electric and what the savings would be.
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