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Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen ID.4 exterior

Introduction to the ID.4

Volkswagen took a slightly different approach with the ID.4: while it still resembles the ID.3 when it comes to interior features and lighting, the ID.4 is their first electric SUV (as opposed to a smaller hatchback). The 52kWh battery found in the ID.3 is also standard in the ID.4, providing enough power for up to 175 real-life miles. This can be swapped for a 77kWh battery which adds up to an extra 90 miles of range. As with the ID.3 and ID.5, the signature LED strip between the headlights and Volkswagen logo is also present on the ID.4 for an elegant touch.


Interior ambient lighting is standard in Volkswagen electric vehicles, including the ID.4- choosing from 30 colours, you have control over the brightness and placement of the lights (different areas in the car can be set to different colours). Background lighting is always a nice, subtle way to create a relaxing atmosphere while driving at night.

The conventional Life Edition has a built-in 10-inch touch display, complemented with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as satnav and regular DAB radio. All of these features and more can be controlled effortlessly with the assistance of voice control. Similar to the rest of the ID family, the ID.4 also responds to the “Hello, ID” voice command to control/adjust electric devices in the car.

A wireless charging pad is located in the front, with USB-C ports to charge a range of other devices.

It is no surprise that a modern electric car like the ID.4 offers smart features like lane assist and parking sensors to make driving easier. Lane assist recognises lane markings and can assist when switching lanes on the motorway which makes the ID.4 perfect for long journeys, while the parking sensors take the pressure off performing complex manoeuvres.

We are all familiar with the unpleasant feeling of in your cold car during winter months, for it to just about heat up as you reach your destination. To combat this, Volkswagen has implemented heated seats, steering wheel, and windscreen activated with the touch of a button to save you the hassle of waiting ages for your car to heat up.

Volkswagen ID.4 interior with ambient lighting

What we think

Volkswagen really have created the ideal family SUV: with a substantial range and spacious, comfortable interior, the ID.4 can easily accommodate for 5 passengers for the duration of a long drive. The roof railings can support extra luggage as required, making it perfect for holidays and storage, while still maintaining comfort for the passengers. As opposed to the coupé-shaped ID.5 (which slightly restricts room for taller people in the back), the ID.4 is much more roomy in the rear, but it doesn’t sacrifice the 543L boot. Now that the ID.5 has been released with some new stylish characteristics (like the animated tail lights), we’re hoping that the future releases of the ID.4 will feature these too!